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Ponyo + Dreaming

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Dylan - MTV Movie Awards ‘14

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Les Misérables The Musical Phenomenon

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inspired by the Maleficent poster [x]


inspired by the Maleficent poster [x]


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Costume Changes by DisneyStyle (x)

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2 collections and 10 haute couture designers: zuhair murad (1)

Elsa + hips


After making Elsa’s hair guide for one anon, I received another anon asking for more Frozen sisters’ hair guides, so I made them and put them all here. Apparently, they’re useful! What do you know, hahaha.

Remember, you draw with your eyes. Observe and study stuff to memorize it and draw it better! \(◕‿◕✿)/

Brittney Lee’s blog
Original photo for Anna’s braids pannel

PS.: You can show and tell me if you use it! :3

"Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten."

Colorful Movies That I Love - Lilo & Stitch


get to know me meme || 1/5 favourite movies: up (2009)

↳ “thanks for the adventure ─ now go have a new one!”

@Harry_Styles I was part of Hanson. 

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The Wind Rises ~     ~